About nakedand.exposed

Welcome to nakedand.exposed!
In the vast online world, there exists a market for exposure fetish, as evidenced by the abundance of exposure websites. Unfortunately, many of these platforms lack content monitoring, turning them into potential minefields for revenge porn. At nakedand.exposed, we believe this should not be the case. That’s why we have created a platform with enforced rules to prioritize your safety. Here are the guidelines we follow:

  1. New Photos with Specific Poses:
    To ensure authenticity and safety, we require users to submit new photos featuring specific poses, including a handwritten sign. See the submission page for details.
  2. Public Domain License:
    Upon submission, even before publication, your images will be granted a public domain license. This means they will be freely usable and accessible to everyone worldwide, maximizing your exposure. Please note that this license is irreversible due to its nature.
  3. Visibility and Accessibility:
    Once published on our site, your photographs will be visible to all visitors, including search engines. They can be downloaded and shared by others.
  4. Fees for Publishing and Removal:
    We charge fees for publishing photos on our website. These fees help cover our hosting costs and discourage impulsive decisions. There are additional fees for removing images. It’s important to note that removing images from the site does not revoke their public domain status. The listing fee is $25 the removal fee is $200. Payments must be made upfront before anything is processed or actioned. You will be contacted for payment after you have submitted your images.
  5. Proof of identity is absolutely required. This is not a place for underage people or for submitting revenge porn. ID will be encrypted and stored off-site on a locked USB.

Submission Agreement:
By submitting your images, you agree to place them into the public domain. This agreement includes waiving all your rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

We at nakedand.exposed prioritize your safety while providing a platform for those interested in exposure fetish. Join us today to explore this unique realm of self-expression and exposure, within the boundaries of our enforced rules.